Talon Gunner

You're either smart, or strong.


Role: Junior Commissar
Age: 23
Build: Tall, thick, built.
Gender: Male
Optimistic, naive, mischievous, and clearly out of his depth
Cadian/feralworlder mutt, born near Scintillia, attended Schola in Kasr Holn.


Talon and his identical twin brother Tarick (also made commissariat) are two out of ten siblings born to the rather virile Ferrus and Oryx Gunner. They had been raised up to schola age by their mum while their merchant father (see: throne agent) was mostly absent throughout their young lives. They spent most of it tag-teaming their other siblings and school mates and generally causing trouble.

Continuing the theme into schola, they generally found themselves on the receiving end of well deserved punishment and found their strengths lied in charming and deceiving their way out of any given situation. An abbot had gone so far as to brand their opposite shoulders as to tell them apart when they got up to nonsense, but they gave each other the same brand (and earned a nice flogging while they were at it.) As a result, they both have the Cadian crest on their left shoulder and the Aquila on their right along with a decent collection of flogging scars, among others.

Despite their abbot’s best efforts they both remain a bit mischievous to this day, though they have grown up a fair bit. Now a full rank junior commissar, Talon’s been split from his brother for their first assignments. Talon still hasn’t gotten used to his absence, and will occasionally speak up to talk to him before going to bed, only to realize he’s not there. In his place he’s gotten fairly attached to his squad mates, mostly Brinton as he’s closest to his age and somewhat agreeable (and fun to cheat at cards.)

Enjoys a bit of HARDCORE PARKOUR!!!


Talon Gunner

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